Monday, August 26, 2013

Bird Island in False Creek

Via Flickr:
Yet another meeting of the Vancouver Urban Sketchers, today we met at the Olympic Village in False Creek.

I sketched the bird island, or "Habitat Island" as it's called.

From the City of Vancouver website: "Habitat Island is an urban sanctuary along Southeast False Creek. Deep layers of soil have been added to the area to provide nourishment for new trees to grow. Boulders and logs commonly found along the coastlines in this region of British Columbia provide a home for plants, small animals, insects, crabs, starfish, barnacles and other creatures. Surrounded by water at high tide, the island is also a sanctuary for birds. More than 200 native trees, as well as shrubs, flowers, and grasses that grow naturally in this region have been planted along the waterfront path and on the island."

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